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Costello, Rogers & Associates, is a full-service Private Investigation Agency dedicated to excellence and delivering white-glove service to its clients. Our proprietors have spent a lifetime perfecting the art of investigation and when you need to uncover the truth facts speak for themselves.

We pride ourselves on employing experts, talented investigators, and utilizing the latest technology in delivering expeditious results to our clients. You will benefit from our service. We are experts for a Good Reason.


Dennis Costello

Dennis has over 40 years of experience in investigations. He has been in private practice for more than 35 years. He holds degrees from the University of California, California State University and a Juris Doctorate from the Southern California Institute of Law. He is licensed by the State of California.

Craig Rogers

Craig has over 35 years of experience in investigations. He has been in business since 1985. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UCLA and a Master of Arts in Social Science. He is licensed by the State of California.

Richard Wilburn
Richard is our investigations unit manager, he brings forth over 25+ years of experience, insight, and customer support. He keeps a keen eye on the processes ensuring smooth and timely results. He is your go-to man,  he also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Brian Kellner

Brian is our Cheif field investigations manager and responsible for all field investigators. He also brings forth over 25+ years of field experience. He is the master of the art of investigations utilizing the latest surveillance technology for Fast, Effective, and Great Results.

We are experts for a Good Reason!

Services & Expertise
We have dedicated a lifetime to the field of investigations and have served thousands of clients with services ranging from simple to complex cases. When it comes to expertise in the field the only name to know is Costello Rogers & Associates. We will deliver every time on time.



Here is a short list of some of our services:

Automobile Accidents

Product Liability

Premises Liability


Workers’ Compensation

Medical Malpractice

Life & Disability

Employment & Human Resources


California Association of Licensed Investigators
World Association of Detectives
Southern California Fraud Investigators Association


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Just a quick note to thank you for your expeditious investigation & video surveillance. The ex-employee fraudulent workers’ comp claim was rendered useless.


Tom D.

Los Angeles, California